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At What Age Should My Child Begin Well-Child Checkups?

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A well-child exam ensures that your baby or child is doing well and not experiencing health problems. The first well-child checkup should occur when a child is two weeks old. Well-child checkups continue until your little one reaches adulthood.

Our caring team of providers at Lawrence Family Practice Center in Lawrence, KS offers well-child checkups to stay on top of any health changes your child might undergo. At Lawrence Family Practice Center, your child will receive high-quality pediatric care. Our team will help determine how often your child requires a check up and set a schedule for well-child exams.

What to expect from a well-child exam

Every well-child exam differs depending on the child’s age and needs. Our caring team of providers at Lawrence Family Practice Center in Lawrence, KS will evaluate your child’s particular needs. They will carry out a physical and may order diagnostic tests.

A well-child exam includes the following:

  • Complete wellness check and evaluation

  • Help to prevent illness

  • Detection of underlying health problems

  • Track growth to ensure proper development, and that all milestones are reached on time

Our dedicated team of providers in Lawrence, KS focus on ensuring your child feels comfortable. They will answer your questions and address your concerns. Our goal is to have a positive impact on your child, so they build lifetime positive relationships with healthcare providers.

At a well-child exam, you’ll have the opportunity to ask our team of providers any questions that you might have about your child’s sleep, diet, behavior, or learning challenges. We always strive to address your concerns and go over any questions that you might have at each well-child exam.

Below is the most common well-child exam schedule:

  • 2 weeks

  • 2 months

  • 4 months

  • 6 months

  • 9 months

  • 12 months

  • 15 months

  • 18 months

  • 2 years

  • 2.5 years

  • 3 years

  • 4 years

  • 5 years

A well-child exam helps ensure your child’s health and that their progress is being made throughout childhood's early developmental milestones. Our team will focus on identifying any concerning disorders or possible developmental delays that your child might be experiencing. Initial treatment and assistance can help overcome problems.

During a well-child exam, our team will also schedule your child’s vaccinations to help protect them from diseases like polio, whooping cough, and measles. Many of these vaccinations are required before your child can start school.

Many parents think that an occasional visit to the pediatrician if their child is sick is sufficient, but a sick exam only addresses the problem or problems your child is currently having, such as a cold or stomach ache. A well-child exam takes into consideration your child’s whole health.

A well-child exam is a personalized assessment that not only focuses on the child’s physical health but also determines mental or social conditions that could impact your child’s health or development. If a problem is detected, our team will work closely with you to manage your child’s health condition and develop any necessary solutions.

Schedule a well-child exam in Lawrence, KS

Our caring team of providers at Lawrence Family Practice Center in Lawrence, KS is happy to provide your child with a detailed well-child exam. Remember, your child’s first well-child exam should be carried out at two weeks old. Please contact us to schedule a well-child checkup today. We are here to answer all your questions and address your concerns.

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