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How Can Athletes Prepare for a Sports Physical to Maximize its Benefits?

Lawrence Family Practice | 09/01/2023

Ensure your sports physical goes smoothly with these helpful tips, and find out who needs them and who can perform them in Lawrence, KS.


Should Your Kid Get a Well-Child Check Up Before School Starts?

Dr. Melissa Kalb | 07/24/2023

Discover why well-child exams at Lawrence Family Practice Center are crucial for your child's health and academic success before school starts.


What Does a Pap Smear Feel Like?

Lawrence Family Practice | 06/24/2023

Part of a well-woman exam conducted annually, a Pap smear is brief and a bit uncomfortable but can be a potentially life-saving procedure.


How Can Sperm Washing Increase Fertilization?

Lawrence Family Practice | 05/29/2023

Treatments like IUI and IVF can help with male infertility. Learn how sperm washing can increase your chances of conceiving a child at our clinic.


Three Signs You May Have High Blood Pressure

Lawrence Family Practice | 04/29/2023

Manage your risk for high blood pressure and increase your overall well-being with preventative medicine.


How is High Cholesterol Diagnosed?

Lawrence Family Practice | 04/01/2023

Find out why testing your cholesterol regularly is crucial to help prevent chronic disease and ensure a long and healthy life.


How Can I Lower My Risk of Diabetes?

Lawrence Family Practice | 02/28/2023

With a preventive health maintenance plan supported by your doctor, you can greatly lower your risk of diabetes and/or better manage your condition.


Can I Still Get a Pap Smear While on My Menstrual Cycle?

Lawrence Family Practice | 01/30/2023

A Pap smear can be performed during a patient's menstrual cycle, though it may allow for easier examination if rescheduled.


What Does an Abnormal Endometrial Biopsy Mean?

Lawrence Family Practice | 12/31/2022

While patients fear an abnormal endometrial biopsy indicates cancer, it can also help rule it out or identify other conditions requiring treatment.


At What Age Should My Child Begin Well-Child Checkups?

Lawrence Family Practice | 11/05/2022

Learn why a well-child checkup is important to maintain your child’s health and catch possible health problems early.


Is Pregnancy After Age 30 Considered High Risk?

Lawrence Family Practice | 10/30/2022

Learn more about what qualifies as a high-risk pregnancy and what is included in high-risk OB care.


How Often do Adult Patients Need Immunizations?

Lawrence Family Practice | 09/30/2022

Immunizations for adults can be trickier than vaccines for children. However, the team at our office in Lawrence, KS can help.


Add a Physical to Your Back-to-School Checklist

Lawrence Family Practice | 08/27/2022

School and sports physicals are an important part of keeping your children safe while they are participating in extracurricular activities.


Four Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Infertility Management

Lawrence Family Practice | 07/08/2022

Considering infertility treatments? Come prepared with these important questions to ask your infertility management provider.


How Often Should You Get a Pap Smear?

Lawrence Family Practice | 06/30/2022

Routine Pap smears are essential to detect early signs of cervical cancer and are recommended once a year as a part of an annual well-woman exam.


Will I Feel Pain During an Endometrial Biopsy?

Lawrence Family Practice | 06/04/2022

Women with abnormal menstrual bleeding should schedule an endometrial biopsy. Learn how we can improve your health with this gynecological procedure.


When Should You See A High-Risk OB Doctor?

Lawrence Family Practice | 04/30/2022

What qualifies as a high-risk pregnancy, and how will your care differ from general OB care? Find the answers here.


What Do They Check For During a Sports Physical?

Dr. Melissa Kalb | 03/25/2022

A sports physical is necessary for reviewing if a child can safely compete in a sport.


How Do Vaccinations Differ From Immunizations?

Dr. Chad Johanning | 01/30/2022

Vaccinations and immunizations are different terms that entail protection against various potentially dangerous illnesses in Lawrence, KS.


How Can Infertility be Treated in Women?

Dr. Melissa Kalb | 12/31/2021

Our doctors at Lawrence Family Practice Center help women manage fertility issues to enhance their chances for healthy pregnancies.


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