Will I Feel Pain During an Endometrial Biopsy?

Lawrence Family Practice | 06/04/2022

Women with abnormal menstrual bleeding should schedule an endometrial biopsy. Learn how we can improve your health with this gynecological procedure.


When Should You See A High-Risk OB Doctor?

Lawrence Family Practice | 04/30/2022

What qualifies as a high-risk pregnancy, and how will your care differ from general OB care? Find the answers here.


What Do They Check For During a Sports Physical?

Dr. Melissa Kalb | 03/25/2022

A sports physical is necessary for reviewing if a child can safely compete in a sport.


How Do Vaccinations Differ From Immunizations?

Dr. Chad Johanning | 01/30/2022

Vaccinations and immunizations are different terms that entail protection against various potentially dangerous illnesses in Lawrence, KS.


How Can Infertility be Treated in Women?

Dr. Melissa Kalb | 12/31/2021

Our doctors at Lawrence Family Practice Center help women manage fertility issues to enhance their chances for healthy pregnancies.


Why Would Someone Need An Endometrial Biopsy?

Dr. Alana Ryan | 11/25/2021

A useful look at the basics of an endometrial biopsy, including what it is, why it’s performed, and who may need one.


What Does A Pap Smear Reveal in Women?

Dr. Amanda Miller | 10/28/2021

A Pap smear is a cervical cancer screening that should be taken every three years. Learn what goes into these exams at our clinic in Lawrence, KS.


What Type of Conditions Lead to A High-Risk Pregnancy?

Dr. Melissa Kalb | 09/27/2021

A high-risk pregnancy should be handled by an experienced obstetric care team. Learn about the conditions that lead to a high-risk pregnancy here.


Five Questions to Ask At Your Kid’s Back-to-School Physical

Dr. Blake Phipps | 08/06/2021

A back-to-school physical ensures your child can have a safe and successful year at school. Learn more about these exams by reading our common FAQ.


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