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What Are Common Questions Parents Have About Well-Child Exams?

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There are few things as critical for the health and wellness of your child as establishing a relationship with a pediatric care provider and taking your child to their regularly scheduled well visits. Whether you're a new parent or you've already been taking your child to pediatric well-visits for years, you may still have questions about well-child exams — like what to expect at each appointment — especially as the years go by and your child continues to grow and change. Here, the caring team at Lawrence Family Practice Center in Lawrence, KS reviews some of the most common well-child visit FAQs, and answers and discusses the importance of these checkups for the long-term health, safety, and well-being of your child.

What is a well-child exam?

A common question about well-child visits is simply what they are. While each well check is personalized based on the child's age, health history, changes in their health or development, and other individual factors, a well-child exam typically refers to a routine appointment that is conducted at specific intervals during childhood. These appointments usually involve a physical evaluation, immunizations, discussion of any symptoms and concerns, and other steps that allow the provider to monitor the growth, development, and wellness of a child over time. Well checks also allow providers the opportunity to potentially identify abnormalities or problems at their earliest stages so that intervention and treatment can be started sooner.

What happens during a pediatric checkup?

Another question parents often ask about their child's doctor appointment is what to expect during the visit. Again, each well check will differ slightly based on individual patient factors. Generally speaking, however, a pediatric well-child exam may include some combination of the following:

  • Physical exam
  • Discussion of any changes since prior visit
  • Measuring vitals, height, weight, etc.
  • Review of health and medical history
  • Child immunizations, if due
  • Assessment of certain developmental milestones
  • Hearing and vision screening

How often does my child need to go to the doctor?

Perhaps the most frequently asked question about pediatric healthcare is how often children need a well visit. The answer will change throughout childhood, with infants, toddlers, and younger children typically having well-child checks multiple times per year. Once they reach school age, visits tend to be spaced out further, with otherwise healthy children typically requiring a well-child exam annually. However, this can vary from child to child based on their health and medical history, their family history, known risk factors, any developmental delays that may be identified, and other factors. At Lawrence Family Practice Center, we are committed to providing personalized, comprehensive care for you and your growing family and will closely monitor your child's development, adjusting their follow-up schedule as necessary.

If you have additional questions about your child's well visit, don't hesitate to call us.

Protect those most precious to you with annual well-child exams in Lawrence, KS

Even if your child seems healthy and rarely gets sick, regular checkups at the doctor are crucial for monitoring development and identifying problems before they become worse. Be proactive about your child's health and wellness by calling Lawrence Family Practice Center to schedule a pediatric annual exam in Lawrence, KS today.

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