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School and Sports Physicals in Lawrence, KS

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what is a sports physical?

School and sports physicals, sometimes formally called pre-participation physical exams (PPE), help to identify if it's safe for a child or teen to participate in physical activities in or outside of school. Our team at Lawrence Family Practice Center understands the value of staying active and doing so in a way that is healthy and compatible for your body. We're pleased to offer school and sports physicals for kids as young as grade school all the way through to their senior year. If you live in Lawrence, KS or the surrounding area, schedule an appointment at our office and get your child ready for the field.

What Are the Benefits of School and Sports Physicals?

School and sports physicals administered at Lawrence Family Practice Center in Lawrence, KS not only allow children to participate in extracurricular activities, but they also give parents and medical practitioners valuable information about a child’s health so they can be their healthiest in the future — on the field, in the band, or anywhere else. Benefits of school and sports physicals include:

  • Identifying any chronic conditions or illnesses
  • Verifying that a child is healthy enough to participate in physical or taxing activities
  • Checking if a child may be at increased risk of injury
  • Suggesting proper treatment if an issue is found
  • Peace of mind for parents or other guardians

Who Is A Candidate for School and Sports Physicals?

School and sports physicals are essential for identifying if children and teens are healthy enough to participate in physical activities. At Lawrence Family Practice Center, these exams are available for students from grade school through their senior year of high school. Our team ensures that young athletes are ready to safely engage in sports, checking for any chronic conditions, potential risks, or necessary treatments. Schedule an appointment with us to prepare your child for a healthy, active lifestyle.

how is a sports physical performed?

A school or sports physical doesn't go as in-depth as a traditional yearly physical, and it's not to be confused with a yearly checkup. The primary objective of a school or sports physical is to get an overall idea of your child's medical history and physical fitness level only as it relates to sports. At this time, one of our physicians will go over your medical history, which can include sports-related injuries, diabetes, or any other medical condition that could prevent your child from actively participating in physical activities. Once these items have been discussed, we will be able to determine if your child is ready and able to play sports.

School And Sports Physicals FAQ

What's the difference between a School and Sports Physical and a yearly exam?
A yearly checkup is more in-depth than a school or sports physical. Typically, these will include:

  • Sports physical — information about past injuries, if you've ever passed out or experienced unconsciousness, had chest pain, dizziness, or trouble breathing, allergies, and overall physical fitness. The focus of this exam is to make sure your child is healthy enough to safely engage in sports activities.
  • School physical — typically focuses on general physical health and mental well-being. Sometimes, this may include immunizations required for admittance to school.

When is a sports physical required?
Sports physicals are typically required for participation in school-sponsored athletic programs from grades 7 – 12. They are usually good for one calendar year to 395 days from the physical's date and are required yearly before a student can participate in sports activities.

Do schools require a school physical every year?
Most schools typically require a child to have a physical exam every two years to attend school.

How long do sports physicals and school physicals take?
A typical sports or school physical takes about 20 – 30 minutes.

Can school and sports physicals detect early signs of overuse injuries?
School and sports physicals are designed to assess your child's overall physical fitness, including checking for early signs of overuse injuries common in young athletes. These exams are crucial in identifying conditions such as tendonitis or stress fractures, which, if left unchecked, could lead to more serious injuries.

What advice is given during a school or sports physical regarding nutrition and exercise?
During a school or sports physical at Lawrence Family Practice Center, our physicians provide valuable advice on nutrition and exercise tailored to your child's specific needs. This guidance includes recommendations on a balanced diet, hydration, and appropriate exercise routines to ensure optimal health and performance in their chosen activities.

Stay fit and healthy

School and sports physicals are a necessary part of your child's wellness program if they plan on participating in physical activities, like soccer, football, basketball, martial arts, gymnastics, and more. To find out if your child is ready for extracurricular activities, schedule a sports physical at Lawrence Family Practice Center in Lawrence, KS today.

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