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Lump and Bump Removal in Lawrence, KS

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What is Lump and Bump Removal?

There are various types of lumps and bumps, including warts, skin tags, keratosis, cysts, and moles. Sometimes skin lesions are raised to create a bump or can lie under the surface of the skin, causing a dark spot. While most skin lesions are harmless and can be left alone, you may elect to have them removed for cosmetic reasons or to avoid potential health risks, like skin irritation or cancer. At Lawrence Family Practice Center, our experienced doctors provide lump and bump removal services at our office in Lawrence, KS. A variety of removal methods can be used, including excision or shaving. During a consultation, your physician will examine your skin condition to figure out which removal technique best fits your situation.

What to Expect with Lump and Bump Removal

Removing lumps and bumps is a simple procedure performed with a local anesthetic in a private treatment room. The method used will be dependent on the size, location, and depth of the lesion. Certain bumps can be removed easily with a simple shaving procedure while others may require excision. The process that is best for your skin condition will be chosen during your consultation. After your lesion removal procedure, you can expect the treatment area to feel sore and tender. These symptoms typically subside within a week. Over-the-counter pain medication can be used to ease discomfort. Typically, the area will scab and heal in 2 – 3 weeks following the procedure with proper aftercare and application of topical medication.

Remove Skin Lesions

Lesions on the skin can be irritating and embarrassing. At Lawrence Family Practice Center, our trained physicians provide lump and bump removal services to rid unwanted skin tags, moles, and more. Contact our caring team to arrange an appointment for lesion removal at our office in Lawrence, KS.

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