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Acne Treatment in Lawrence, KS

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What is Acne?

Acne is one of the most common skin ailments in the U.S., impacting approximately 60 million people each year. While many cases are mild and may be controlled with medication and a good at-home skin care routine, many patients have severe acne that leads to scarring. Acne normally is a blend of pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, and cysts, as well as other red, itchy, and swollen areas of the skin. Caused by a blend of clogged pores, dead skin cells, and bacteria, it is most commonly found in teens but can affect adults well into their 40s. The trained professionals at Lawrence Family Practice Center help patients of all ages achieve clearer, more luminous skin through a variety of innovative treatment methods. Schedule an appointment in Lawrence, KS to learn more.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Acne Treatment?

Patients of all ages can suffer from mild to hard-to-manage acne. Lawrence, KS men and women who live with cystic acne usually have inflamed pimples, blackheads, or cysts that occur on various areas of the body. Acne treatment is a wonderful selection for individuals who have tried other therapies to obtain clearer skin, including topical creams or face washes. Our practitioners will carefully assess your skin and acne throughout your consultation to see if you are a possible fit for acne treatment.

Acne treatment FAQs

What factors increase my risk of acne?
There are a number of factors that increase your risk of developing acne. These include hormone changes, certain medications, diet, and genetics. Our team members at Lawrence Family Practice Center will ask about your medical history and perform an exam to determine the cause of your unwanted outbreaks and recommend the most effective course of treatment.

Which treatment options are available for acne?
Treatment options include over-the-counter and prescription medications, as well as home remedies. The best course of treatment will be determined by the severity of your acne and your individual preferences. We work with each patient to create a personalized treatment plan that meets their needs and goals.

How else can I prevent acne breakouts?
You can prevent acne breakouts by cleansing your skin daily and avoiding products that clog your pores. It is also important to avoid picking or squeezing pimples, as this can lead to scarring. Our team can provide additional tips and resources for preventing acne breakouts during a consultation.

Diagnosis and Treatment for Acne

While store-bought medications can help acne, sometimes they do not treat severe acne efficiently. Our team offers numerous treatment options to control and manage acne and clear up its standard symptoms. After a skin consultation with one of our doctors, a customized treatment plan will be created to improve the health of your skin. Treatment options include oral antibiotics (such as tetracycline or minocycline), as well as topical solutions and creams containing sulfur, retinoids, or benzoyl peroxide. Our doctors take a preventive approach and often talk with patients about at-home methods to help maintain clear skin, such as using cleansers and moisturizing creams, reducing stress, using UV protection, and eating a healthy diet.

Get clearer skin

If you're tired of feeling embarrassed about acne, we encourage you to get in touch with Lawrence Family Practice Center. Our caring physicians provide thorough skin exams, along with professional-grade acne treatments to fit your needs. If you're ready to achieve clearer skin and feel more confident, schedule an appointment in Lawrence, KS today.

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