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Commonly performed on males of all ages throughout the United States, circumcision is a procedure that removes the foreskin of the penis, the tissues that cover the glans. This treatment is safe enough to be performed on babies as young as two days old, as well as adult men. Many parents may agonize over whether or not to circumcise their child. Our team at Lawrence Family Practice Center helps expecting parents, new parents, and adult patients make the right decision for their child or themselves. While the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) does not recommend explicitly for or against the procedure, the benefits outweigh the risks. Contact our Lawrence, KS family medicine practice to learn more about circumcision.


Circumcisions are performed throughout the world for cultural, religious, and medical reasons with the highest degree of circumcisions occurring in the United States and the Middle East. In fact, roughly 60% of male babies in the country are circumcised. While this procedure is most common for newborn babies, kids, and teens, adult men can get circumcised without much risk. In fact, the healing period following circumcision is the same regardless of the patient's age. Many parents decide to circumcise their male kids because removing the foreskin reduces the likelihood of contracting infections (such as STIs and UTIs), as well as penile cancer.

Circumcision FAQ

How much does a circumcision cost?

The overall cost of circumcision can differ depending on a variety of factors. Our talented staff will assess the patient in order to determine a clear course of action. Once this plan has been agreed upon, we can provide a more accurate estimate of the total price.

Is circumcision painful?

Not at all. With today's modern medicine and equipment, patients feel little to nothing during their circumcision.

Is circumcision safe?

Circumcision is completely safe. Advanced technology has provided us with cutting-edge equipment that can safely and effectively perform a circumcision every time.


When it comes to the health and well-being of you and your child, our team will give you all of the tools to help you understand the benefits and risks of circumcision. Our skilled pediatricians at Lawrence Family Practice Center have performed countless circumcisions to produce safe outcomes for male patients of all ages. To learn more about circumcision, contact our Lawrence, KS office or schedule an appointment.

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