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Tubal Ligation in Lawrence, KS

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About Tubal Ligation

When it comes to your reproductive needs, your wants are the most important factor. Whether you've had a baby, several, or never had kids, if you're certain that a future pregnancy is not something you desire, our team can provide you with a lasting birth control solution. Tubal ligation (also called having your tubes tied) can be performed following a Cesarean section or during a mini laparotomy while an incision is made. From there, our physicians in Lawrence, KS can access your fallopian tubes and seal them off to prevent any more eggs from dropping. If you want to learn more about long-lasting birth control options, reach out to our team at Lawrence Family Practice Center and learn more about tubal ligation.


When you're certain that having another baby isn't in your future, you can meet with one of our skilled physicians at Lawrence Family Practice Center to discuss your options and learn about minimally invasive tubal ligation. While this treatment could be reversed, you may still be incredibly limited in your ability to get pregnant following a reversal. Your post-procedure incision will need to be well taken care of. Keeping the incision clean will be crucial to your healing process, and we encourage you to follow all of our instructions carefully as you recover. If you have any questions while you're healing from tubal ligation, our team is always here to answer the phone and provide guidance.

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Are you ready to commit to a long-lasting pregnancy prevention procedure? If so, our team at Lawrence Family Practice Center will give you the care and attention you need so you can live your best life. However, if you're unsure about long-term sterilization, our team also offers a range of contraceptive options that are more temporary to help you find out in your own time if having or adding to your family is the right decision for you.

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