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Laceration Treatment in Lawrence, KS

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A laceration is a deep skin wound or jagged cut that can cause excessive bleeding and significant pain. Deeper and more severe than a minor cut, lacerations typically result from blunt force trauma by a sharp object, such as glass or a knife. If the injury goes deep enough, it can damage the muscles, tendons, blood vessels, bones, nerves, or ligaments. Lacerations should be promptly treated in order to stop the bleeding and prevent infection. At Lawrence Family Practice Center, our expert medical team offers timely care for lacerations and other traumatic injuries at our office in Lawrence, KS. Get in touch with our team right away to schedule an urgent care appointment for yourself or a family member.

How Are Lacerations Treated?

While some minor lacerations can be treated at home using a home first-aid kit, more severe tears in the skin may need professional medical attention. If you have bleeding that does not stop after 10 – 15 minutes or you notice exposed bone, muscle, or tendon, you should visit the doctor. At Lawrence Family Practice Center, one of our physicians can assess your wound and determine the best course of action. We will take steps to stop the bleeding and thoroughly clean the wound using hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. Some wounds will require minor surgery with stitches or staples to help the skin heal properly. The wound will be bandaged, and home care instructions will be provided.

Family-Centered Care

When accidents happen, you can rely on Lawrence Family Practice Center to provide timely, expert care for lacerations, cuts, and wounds. Our expert physicians can treat injuries in adults and children of all ages. To schedule an urgent care appointment, please call our office in Lawrence, KS.

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