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Toenail Removal in Lawrence, KS

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About Toenail Removal

There are a number of toenail conditions that can occur, whether as a result of injury, infection, or ingrown toenails. Toenail abnormalities can cause pain, irritation, swelling, and throbbing, and may even necessitate toenail removal. When you have an ingrown toenail, the corners of the nail grow into the surrounding skin, which can lead to infection and pain. Toenail infections, on the other hand, may look like thickened, yellow nails that feel brittle. At Lawrence Family Practice Center, our highly trained physicians treat numerous toenail issues, including ingrown toenails, toenail trauma, and toenail fungus. To learn more about toenail removal services in Lawrence, KS, please schedule an appointment today.

What to expect with toenail removal

Your physician will examine your issue and learn about your symptoms in order to develop a personalized treatment plan to improve the health of your nails. Surgical toenail removal is often needed to preserve the health of the nail and can be performed in our office. Generally, topical anesthesia is given before a special tool is used to separate the nail from the skin. The diseased portion of the toenail will then be removed, which could be the entire nail or just part of it. Once the process is complete, we will apply an ointment and place a bandage on your toenail. Our team will provide instructions on how to care for your toenail at home and help ensure proper healing. It can take 12 – 18 months for your nail to fully grow back.

Remove Damaged Toenails

Sometimes toenail problems are the result of an underlying health condition, such as diabetes, while other times, the toenail becomes damaged due to an injury or a nail fungal infection. Whether you have a broken, infected, or ingrown toenail, the professionals at Lawrence Family Practice Center can help. Schedule an appointment in Lawrence, KS to find out more about toenail removal services to improve the health of your nails.

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